Performances levels:

MB 236.1
Ford Mercon
GM Dexron IIIH
Voith H55.6336.41
ZF TE-ML-09/11/14

Vendor codes:

1 L RX0001ATX
4 L RX0002ATX
20 L RX0003ATX
60 L RX0004ATX
208 L RX0005TPX


Synthetic oil for automatic transmissions. It was developed taking into account the requirements of the world’s leading manufacturers for lubricants. Due to the synthetic base and the additive package, it is highly resistant to oxidation, has excellent low-temperature characteristics, provides stable operation of transmissions in extreme climatic conditions and has an extended service life compared to oils on a mineral basis. Provides optimum performance over the entire oil change interval.


Designed for use in automatic transmissions, hydraulic steering systems and hydraulic clutches of passenger cars and trucks, where fluids of Dexron III level or lower are required.

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