RIXX TP X 10W-40 SN/CF A3/B4

Fully synthetic engine oil with high performance properties. It has good compatibility with oil seals/elastomers, excellent lubricity, high thermal oxidative and hydrolytic stability, low carbon monoxide consumption. The high viscosity makes it possible to compensate for the dilution of oil with fuel, to ensure stable pressure under any operating conditions, and also to reduce oil consumption in worn-out engines by sealing the gaps between the parts of the cylinder-piston group.

It is intended for use in modern high-powered gasoline and diesel engines running on all grades of gasoline, ethanol, gas, diesel and biofuels, including those equipped with a direct fuel injection system and turbocharging. Suitable for use in 4-stroke engines of motor vehicles with “wet” and “dry” clutch, air and water cooling.

Based on PAO

Highly viscous polyalphaolefin base oils provide a strong protective film at high temperatures, low volatility and excellent low-temperature properties. In addition, PAO is more susceptible to the action of antioxidant, antifriction and extreme pressure additives.

Maximum efficiency

Highly viscous alkylated naphthalenes provide excellent solubility of additives, excellent lubricity and give polarity to PAO molecules. Unlike esters, alkyl naphthalene molecules do not compete with anti-wear additives on the friction surface, thanks to which RIXX TP X SAE 10W-40 API SN/CF ACEA A3/B4 oil demonstrates excellent anti-wear properties.

Alkylated naphthalenes

Excellent anti-wear properties

In addition to the traditional protective complex of zinc and molybdenum, RIXX engine oil contains an ash-free friction modifier. The triple complex of anti-wear additives allows you to increase power, reduce operating temperature, reduce noise and provide reliable protection of the engine from wear.

Regular oil, AWS = 505 microns
RIXX, AWS = 414 microns

ASTM D 4172, analysis of optical profilometry. The illustrations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the friction modifiers.

High oil uniformity

RIXX oils are produced using the innovative CCBL molecular mixing technology developed jointly with the Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory (PPTL), an organizational member of ASTM International. High uniformity increases the efficiency of additives, increases the filterability of the oil, thereby prolonging its service life.

RIXX oil under a microscope, magnification x45
Ordinary oil under a microscope, magnification x45

Technical specifications

IndicatorMeasurement methodMeaning
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, mm2
ASTM D44515,38
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2
ASTM D44594,1
Viscosity indexASTM D2270173
Dynamic viscosity of CCS, at -25°C, MPa ·sASTM D5293<7000
Dynamic viscosity MRV, at -30°C, MPa·sASTM D4684<60000
Base number, mg KOH/gASTM D289610,1
Evaporation by NOACK, %ASTM D5800<7
Flash point in an open crucible, °CASTM D92>230
Solidification temperature, °CASTM D97-45


VW501 01/502 00/505 00
PSAB71 2300


VolumeArticle number
1 LRX0016TPX
4 LRX0017TPX
20 LRX0018TPX
60 LRX0019TPX
208 LRX0020TPX

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