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RIXX Corporation is a company with a global scale and capabilities.

RIXX branded lubricants are manufactured and sold worldwide. They ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of equipment components and assemblies, helping our customers achieve their goals in a more environmentally friendly way.

Our activity proves that economic feasibility, environmental safety and the latest technologies do not contradict, but complement each other in a complex manner.


Quality philosophy


RIXX Corporation pays a lot of attention to research, striving to create the best lubricants and technical fluids.


Innovation allows you to reduce costs, improve product quality and bring the best value for money to the market.


An important component of our work is the experience of using our products and feedback from partners and customers.


RIXX products not only meet but exceed the requirements of international standards and vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.

Meet requirements

Less emissions

Taking care of the environment

Thanks to the latest blending units, the production of RIXX lubricants uses three times less energy than the traditional method.

By meeting the latest environmental standards, RIXX engine oils help reduce CO2 emissions.


A fundamentally different approach to production

We make oils differently

RIXX oils are manufactured using innovative molecular blending technology, which gives them outstanding properties. The technology was developed jointly with the Petroleum Testing Laboratory, one of the most modern European testing laboratories, an organizational member of ASTM International. Accredited according to BS EN ISO IEC 17025 requirements.

Driven by CCBL
Excellent performance

Quality in numbers






Life time

Unique molecular mixing technology takes lubricants to a whole new level of performance.

Traditional technology

In the lubricating oil, the colloidal system is formed by additives, many of which are present in the oil in the form of large micelles. In this state, most of the additive molecules are isolated from the main volume of the oil and do not participate in the lubrication processes, which negatively affects the quality and service life of the oil. In addition, with the traditional method of producing lubricating oils, there is a need to heat the mass to the optimum mixing temperature of + 70-80 degrees. Incorrect or uncontrolled mixing processes can easily disrupt the molecular structure and result in poor quality lubricants.

Molecular blending

The principle of operation is the collapse of billions of bubbles in the blending zone, which creates many microexplosions capable of mixing base oils and additives at the molecular level. Since bubbles can contract and expand sharply, the temperature inside them can reach several hundred degrees Celsius. At the same time, a 100% homogenization (uniformity) effect is clearly traced, and with such a high quality of mixing of the components, the dispersion reaches 98%!

Quality based on innovation.


Global brand

As an international company, we are working to increase RIXX brand awareness around the world. Sponsoring is part of our history. We help others and at the same time increase the recognition of our logo. RIXX is always an emotional and positive image in the media space and in the minds of people.


RIXX is not just a brand. We create lubricants for people like us – dreamers and adventure seekers. For those who want to travel around the world with their eyes wide open. For those who are open to everything new and unknown.


No serious oil brand sees its product promotion without a motorsport history. This is not only brand PR, but also a confirmation of the product’s performance in difficult conditions. In addition, developments designed to withstand the highest loads find their application in ordinary, civilian operation.


RIXX is a partner of CarX Drift Racing 2. The brand logo is available in the sponsorship stickers section and the game hosts regular tournaments and draws.

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