About brand

RIXX Corporation is a French manufacturing company. Innovation in production, employees with rich experience and high quality standards are the three pillars on which the RIXX® brand is based.

Innovation Technology
Made In France
Premium Quality

1. Innovation is the key to success!

RIXX® oils are produced using innovative technologies, which allows not only improving the quality of finished products, but also reducing production costs. This allows us to present high-quality products at an affordable price on the market.

RIXX by CCBL technology

With the traditional method of production of lubricating oils, there is a need to heat the mass to the optimum miscibility temperature + 70-80 degrees. With an improper or uncontrolled mixing process, the molecular structure can easily be disturbed and, as a result, poor quality lubricants can be obtained.

In the lubricating oil, the colloidal system is formed by additives, many of which are contained in the oil in the form of micelles. In this condition, most of the additive molecules are isolated from the bulk of the oil and are not involved in the lubrication processes, which negatively affects the quality and life of the oil.

Regular oil
Regular oil, zoom x45

CCBL® technology offers a completely different technology for mixing base oils and additives. The principle of operation is the collapse of billions of bubbles in the blending zone, which creates a lot of microexplosions that can mix base oils and additives at the molecular level. Since the bubbles can contract sharply and expand, the temperature inside them can reach several hundred degrees Celsius. At the same time, 100% effect of homogenization (homogeneity) is clearly traced, and with such a high quality of mixing the components, the dispersion reaches 98%!

RIXX® oil, zoom x45

CCBL® technology was developed in conjunction with the Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory (PPTL), one of the most advanced European testing laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art testing, monitoring and measurement tools. PPTL is an organizational member of ASTM International. Accredited to BSS EN ISO IEC 17025.

2. Company independence – the best formulations and components.

RIXX Corporation is an independent French manufacturer of motor and industrial oils. This means that the company does not belong to any large concern. Often, large manufacturers are limited in the formulation of their products, as they are literally tied to base oils and additives of their own production. We can use almost any base oil and additives on the market, which allows us to choose the best recipes for ready-made commercial oils.

3. Premium quality.

We use the highest quality raw materials from trusted global manufacturers, same as Lubrizol, Afton Chemical, BRB International BV.

Especially for Russia and the CIS countries, RIXX oils are produced in a metal can to protect the potential consumer from the threat of acquiring a fake product.

We make sure that the consumer can easily make the right choice of high-quality technical fluids that will ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of vehicle components and assemblies, which will save on the cost of unforeseen repairs.

4. Caring for the environment

RIXX synthetic motor oils are produced on the basis of high-quality VHVI base oils (Very High Viscosity Index, which are practically no different from PAO base oils, but at the same time the energy consumption for production is much lower.

The use of innovative technologies reduces production costs (mixing time is reduced, there is no need for heating), which significantly increases the environmental friendliness of RIXX lubricants.